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11. Juni 2019

Improve your Wedding photography: 6 Tips that will help you improve 

Earn more Money by improving your Wedding Photography



Improve your Wedding photography and you are sure to increase your earnings. Wedding photography as a means of earning money has become even more popular than ever. Here are 6 Tips that will help you improve your wedding photography. Or if you have never shot wedding before these are six tips that will help you improve your wedding photography

Introducing myself as a Wedding Photographer

Hello everyone this is Peter, a wedding photographer from Frankfurt Germany. These are six tips that will help you improve your wedding photography and hence increase your income.


  • I have been working as a full-time wedding photographer the past years. That means I shoot from 30 till about 40 wedding sessions a year.
  • That also means I spend most of my time at weddings during my weekends and the following week, I spent most of my time answering emails, editing the wedding pictures and coordinating my appointments for the other weddings to come.
  • So now, you know that these tips are coming from a good place and especially from someone with great experience in working as a wedding photographer. I learnt all these along the way and sometimes I wish I knew all these before I started as a wedding photographer.


INFOGRAPHIC on How to Improve Your Wedding Photography in 30 Seconds


Read the Infographic below and get your quick tip in less than 30 Seconds.

Rushing into Wedding Photography. Take your time: Don’t rush it


  • Tip number one is that you shouldn’t just get started or you shouldn’t just jump into wedding photography.


  • There is a lot of information out there; stating that you should just get started even if you haven’t done it before.


  • The problem is; you will be playing with someone’s most special day or the most important day of someone’s life, just for you to gain experience. So should you screw up, you will be ruining someone’s day. And especially the fact that they will not have any special pictures of their special day, will destroy your name and your chance of starting as a wedding photographer.  


  • Another reason why this is so bad is that, your name is on the line and at stake especially for you as a photographer.


  • In photography, your name is your brand, so if you screw up at too many weddings or events, you should know that people will talk and that will carry on to different potential clients. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you as a starter. There are no real ways to recover from being bad mouthed.

Assistant Wedding Photographer and Second Shooting at Weddings


  • Instead, I will suggest asking other photographers if you could assist them in their wedding photography gigs. In that way you’ll accompany other wedding photographers and you’ll learn quite a lot. That way, you could take away a lot as an experienceand most photographer also pay others for assistant assisting them in their photography gigs.


  • Assisting means you accompany another wedding photographer to an event that they may be shooting. You carry their bags, arrange people, you might help with the lightning. You could also help them change lenses of their cameras, sometimes bring them a drink or help the bride and groom in posing.


  • No photographer can be in two places at the same time.Second shooting is as important as the main photographer of the day. In this case you are mostly shooting something that the main photographer can’t shoot, because he or she might probably be at another location at the same venue.  Or the Photographer might be at a totally different angle and can’t capture a particular scene.


  • If you’ve never shot a wedding before at all, I recommend you become an assistant. Contact a photograph that you admire and ask them if you will be able to assist them on a wedding day. Don’t be discouraged if they say no. Because you will have to ask more than one photographer for assistance.

Wedding Photographer Equipment: have backups of everything


  • This takes us to our next step of shooting weddings and that is; have backups of all cameras and generally of everything. In wedding photography, you need to have the right equipment and if you cannot afford it: just rent it.


  • Here you get to play with the gear that you have always wished to owe and you also get to see if you like it or not.


  • For a wedding I’ll recommend a full range of focal lenses, so you have a lens for every situation. In this case, you want something wide, something of mid-range and a telephoto lense as well.


  • In any case, I’d recommend the 24 – 70mm f2.8 lens. In other cases I will personally go for the 24 – 105mm f4.0.


  • My favourite lens of all time is the canon 135 mm f2 lens. It’s really allows you to isolate your subject and separate them from the background.


  • And as I said, you really have to have backups on the wedding day and if you don’t have it, things always do go wrong at a wedding. Without a back up, there is nothing you can do. So along with my zoom lens, I will always bring my primes with me. Do consider renting a second camera alongside.

Wedding Photography Day: Mood Board – Have a Shot List


  • The next suggestion I’ll have is that; you have a shot list. Most photographers want to be creative, see how the light falls and decide on their shots that very day.


  • But sometimes in the heat of the day, the pressure could really be quite intensive, and it could happen that the photographer goes blank, hence creativity just sinking down the drain.


  • You could forget what you wanted to get, you could also forget the shots that you wanted to take and you could also forget the poses that you wanted to do with the couple. This happens very often with wedding photographers who are just getting started.


  • You could always ask the couple if they have a list of shots they want taken. After that is done, you could save these in your phone or on a piece of paper and look through them anytime during the ceremony.


  • Sometimes, the wedding couple will have a few hints or a few memorable moments that they wouldn’t want you to miss. For example, a special engravement on the ring or a special section of the location that they mark as memorable. They will hence make you know and you can fully prepare for such moments. This happens often and you will have to have all these written down. This will make getting all these shots so much easier.


  • Please do remember that your camera is a device and this could be used to save images and notes. So before or prior to the wedding, just save additional notes and images on your memory card and you can always playback on the display of your camera.

Wedding Photography and Location Scouting


  • The next step is to arrive early at the location and do some location scouting. Walk around the venue and visualize where would be best for what types of photos? Where would you do with the Rings? Where would you do the couple shoots? Would you take photos of the dress? Where would the group photos be done?


  • Make sure you have all these questions built up in the back of your mind, so you are not put on the spot and you are not surprised when you have to find places or spots at the location within seconds. So you’ll have to have all these behind your mind and when you have to refer to it, it wouldn’t be a problem.


  • You can even go to the location a few days prior to the wedding, so that on the wedding day there is no pressure whatsoever. I often do this on destination weddings to a country that I have never been to before.

Your Photography Gear: Know your Camera Settings very well


  • You probably think you know your camera very well, but you don’t want it to be on a wedding day that you realise you don’t.


  • You need to be able to look at a scene and decide at the back of your mind; what settings will be best to make the scene look good.


  • Always have your speed light with you. Don’t always use it during day shots or when couples with their loved ones are directly in the sun.


  • Practice using your F-Stops or Shutter Speed in different situations at home with your loved ones before getting out there and taking fast moving shots for example.


  • I hope these tips help. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to assist me at any Wedding, you get paid and you get to learn on a project.


  • You also get to use the pictures as reference to get more Wedding Photography gigs.








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